Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What I'm trying to do is, not write about Penn State....

So I went looking for inspiration and in the process chilled my hands, which adds to my cooled disposition.

Its getting cold outside, finally. Snow tomorrow? We'll see.

 I came across a small piece on Real Clear on the latest hit Diane Sawyer put on Sarah Palin. Pun intended? or does Sawyer go too far herself?

I'm still not passionate yet today. But I did get to thinking about something that Newt is doing that Palin may already of thought about. Something Dan Quayle did not achieve.


Obviously, politically speaking, Sarah Palin is an ego that is bloodied, beaten, and withdrawn. That she is still targeted by Diane Sawyer provides fresh wounds that may or may not heal, and indicates the mood of the media establishment toward her.

But its not significant anymore, these attacks in the short run. Palin is too damaged to be anything more than a T.V. star for now. Not that its insignificant to be a T.V. star, but its a long way from the White House. 

She may of been closer when she was living in Alaska and the Campaign of 2008 wasn't yet a butterfly in her stomach.

But she's still there, lurking, taking more hits, but giving hits out too. Just like Newt did after he left the House of Representatives.

Obviously its not a complete analogy, Newt Gingrich is a heavier political body than Sarah. His accomplishment in the House had already secured his survival, but not without considerable efforts by the opposition to totally neuter him.

Today, more than a decade later, Gingrich is a front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. Who would of thought that was possible back when he was slinking out the back door after his unsuccessful attempt to convict Bill Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors.

A better analogy may be with Dan Quayle, the former Veep under George H.W. Bush.  Up to this point.

Here's what I can believe, cause I think she is that smart, I think she wants to have that second life on the grand National stage that Newt is now living. I believe she has done the political calculations and knows that she has to slow down and recover, not be ambitious, but still show ambition.

I don't know what happened to Dan Quayle. I mean, did he quietly disappear with the intent to never come back? I don't think so, I read his memoir at the time, and though that was twenty years ago, I don't recall him portraying his career as over.  Still he hardly ever resurfaced, and will certainly not now.

Newt Gingrich never gave me the impression he was going away, just that he was slowing down for a bit. Rethinking his brand, as is chic to say now a days.

I think Sarah is smart enough to learn the lesson from these two men.  That's why she isn't going away, and why the likes of Diane Sawyer still take shots at her.

I don't think however, that I'm smart enough to know what she is thinking, like I don't think I'm smart enough to know what Obama is thinking, but I was just thinking none the less.

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