Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best We Have

Some disparate and desperate thoughts from watching the Debate on Saturday night.

How is it that in my lifetime, the candidates are always smarter than the President. Yet its always one of those candidates that gets the job and then promptly looses all of his smarts.

Statistically, we are going to eventually elect a President capable of retaining all those bright ideas past that magical Tuesday after the first Monday is November. Just don't hold your breath that its gonna happen anytime soon.

But it might, because there were some really good ideas put forth last night, not the least of which is that quadrennial favorite, "I'm going to surround my self with the right people." Not at all like the President himself, who typically seems to surround himself with the wrong people. Coincidentally, this selection process begins sometime on or after the Wednesday after the first Monday in November.

I thought there might be something to this approach when Mr. Santorum promised to surround himself also with like minded people. Right and like minded. How could I fault that promise?

Not to be outdone, Governor Perry promised extraordinary people.

With these bold and game changing ideas, I'm cautiously optimistic that we, our nation, can walk that tight rope we find ourselves on in any number of issues.

I was asking my lovely wife, hypothectically of course, how is it we always elect the best candidate, the most promising option, the oracle of truth, only to find ourselves with so many problems and so long in the making, that could sink our everything. Our Everything.

Newt had a terrific idea, his plan for dealing with Iran would include a multitude of covert actions to massage the attitudes of the radical leadership. Of course the current President isn't doing any such thing.

It seems that we come to the point where we even expect the Commander in Chief incapable of grasping the concept of covertness. He'd tell us if he were, duh.

I thought the most efficient user of his 89 seconds was Ron Paul. He made a lot more sense than Huntsman, who I think got about 3 seconds more.

Am I alone on an island here when I say I wanted to hear the former Ambassador to China for more than thirty seconds on his views and approach to our complex relationship with the rising force in the East?

Instead we got more time from Romney and Perry.

Don't ever wonder why I can't be impressed with many of these news men and women.

Romney seemed the most polished, like many successful candidates before him. Bully you Mitt, bully you. Which is about what I expect if he'd win. Another bullied President, ineffectual and unintellectual.

Which brings me back to Newt. Again, he demonstrated a superiority in many facets, amusingly evident when he out wits the press.

I'm still with Newt, but If I can't have him, then, well if I am going to get screwed, as the critics of the GOP contend I will be as a working man, then it may as well be by a woman.

Judging by her minute and a half, Michelle Bachman seems quite capable of that. More than some of those men up there.

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