Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was reading a Fortune magazine blurb reporting on the apparent increase in happiness across America.

I talk politics, so I'm, by nature, cynical about any metric based on people's opinions.

Is it coincidental that more American's are happier now and that there is a new President?

Here's what my mind's eye is seeing: I'm seeing a lot of Democrats answering that question in the affirmative, "Yes, I'm happier."

I envision a lot of Republicans say the opposite, "No, I'm not happier."

This is a topic that could use a lot more developing, but considering nothing has substantially changed in the last 2-3 years, and you gotta wonder why people are happier now.

In fact, all of our long term problems have only gotten worse. More deaths in wars, more deficit, more debt, more unemployed and 'dropping out' of the work force.

Even health care reform won't kick in right away for most of us.

Why are people happier?

My theory is because the squawking and cackling of the news media and Liberal leadership has unceremoniously stopped, many Americans are freed from a negative tyranny that prohibited them from being happy.

But a lot of Conservatives and Republicans where quite unhappy with Bush back then too. We all had a lot be unhappy about, the metric reflected that.

Today, Democrats are allowed to be happy.

A lot of people are just happy anyways, so there is a steady base.

And many Conservatives won't be unhappy just because some people on the Right want to play the same game the Liberals did for the 8 years of Bush -- keep a steady stream of negativity rolling.

I'm part of that last group.

The metric reflects our happiness right now.

I would hope that the Democrats and Liberals who don't pout and whine so much anymore, will realize how good they have always had it, even when their President didn't have a 'd' next to his or her name.

As for the Conservatives who are unhappy now.

The Christian among you should remember your faith and the agnostic remember this too shall pass.

Don't give the politicians so much power, influence, or credit over your life, to allow them to coerce you to be unhappy.

That, and vote.

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