Monday, April 19, 2010

After this weekend's back and forth between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Clinton, I must ask the rhetorical, "Why give Bill Clinton the opening?"

Recently I've been affronting people with my belief that most Republicans and Conservatives have been acting just like the Democrats and Liberals had acted during the 8 years of the Bush Administration.

Mean, angry, hateful, anti-government, and even more.

Its not pretty, and now its being exploited by the Master of the Game.

Instead of taking the high road, we've taken the base road.

I'm not against airing all the dirty laundry that escapes network and liberal media scrutiny, but I'm against all the deviant personal attacks and hysterical hyperbole about the end of society as we know it.

Newsflash: Society as we know it changes everyday as norm, and as fact, the finances of this country are in such poor state due to both parties' negligence.

I don't wish to ascribe that much power to Obama, he hasn't ruined us, but I don't think he is helping much either.

Back to Clinton v. Limbaugh.

If Mr. Limbaugh is going to play his cards just like he did during Mr. Clinton's 8 years, well, I think it would be reasonable to expect the latter learning something about how to neutralize or even turn the tables on the radio Maestro.

And by taking the stand he did, I think Clinton scored one for his team. It was reasonable and somewhat indirect. Direct enough to prove a point, but reasonably general in his target, so that he doesn't look partisan.

Collectively, we Conservatives do a poor job of imitating Liberals. We ought to stick to the intelligent conversations, not the ugly paranoia and implied anti-Americanism.

The facts we can win with, acting like them just plays into their hands.

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