Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Hsu Cha-Ching Trail

Leading Clinton Donor Stays Below Radar

Here is one of those stories that in the end will be much ado about nothing.

A Clinton receiving monies from dubious sources, from people with a shady past shouldn't be a surprising bit of news to anyone by now, and its unlikely to change a thing in her presidential election campaign. Maybe she'll give the money back. Big deal.

It would be a bigger deal if this story actually harmed her career, if the media in general will ask her one tough question regarding just this one money issue, if people who bleed blue were actually spending a moment in reflective thought about her character and ability to effect change in America.

Democrats outside the Beltway do not judge the politicians who have a 'd' next to their name the same way they do of those politicians who have an 'r'. Its true, much is said about this on the right leanings airwaves, but often times those radio heads are angling their tirade at the biased media and the DC crowd. Yet its all those common people who turn a blind eye to transgressions by Democrats who are really the problem.

There is no nicer way to state it.

You expect people with power to eventually get corrupt and you expect people who are giving us the news to have a bias. You can expect the two covering each other's back.

What should not be expected, or accepted is blind loyalty to a party. Yeah, its cuts both ways. However, for every one Democrat that has walked away from power in disgrace from a unflattering scandal there are handfuls of Republicans to match.

I'm not writing to attack Hillary Clinton, Mr. Hsu, or the biased media. At this point I've come to expect nothing better from her. This isn't her first suspicious donor.

I'm attempting to stir a civil dialogue with the people who only care about scandal when its a Republican in the wrong. That's not defending Republicans.

The people who nominated John Kerry because he was the most electable. The voters who deeply care about the environment, but shunned Ralph Nader. The lazy chair economists who are against a tax cut, but not when a Democrat proposes one. The peaceniks who don't flock to Dennis Kucinich. The class warriors who hate Republicans because they are for the rich and the Democrats are for the poor.

These people exist and they are the enablers of the corrupt culture of D.C.

When they are polled by Gallup their judgment comes to represent millions of Americans and then the media has their acquiescence to continue the bias.

Most troubling, generally speaking, its many of these same people who clamor for change. All the time.

In the meantime, I hear that Senator Larry Craig(r - Idaho) is getting his dose of toxic news coverage for acting like a gay man? Email me and I'll tell you how William Jefferson(d - LA) stole hundreds of thousands a couple of years ago and I bet you never heard of him.

Considering all the sensitivities on the left that gets those on the right in hot water, wouldn't it be a great show on election day if the rest of America judged all politicians equally?

Change isn't going to happen until then. . . .

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