Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gonzales Resigns, and this matters to what?

Embattled Gonzales Quits As Last.

Today Alberto Gonzales quit as Attorney General. For some life will never be the same. For others, they'll party through the night. I plan on getting some early sleep.

The only curiosity for me is that generally speaking the Congressmen and women who were pressuring this man to resign where eerily silent when a previous AG went about killing Americans.

Oh, well.

Its a big boy sport in D.C. and lawyers will protect their own, but outside the beltway the generalization also holds true.

Some, believe it or not, will act like they've won something today. As though a nefarious plotter has been laid away and liberty is yet again the word of the day.

Isn't it odd?

Janet Reno not only survived more disturbing scandals directly involving her, but to this day she is held in high regard by those who actually gave a hoot about this Gonzales getting away with firing a slew of attorneys.

How is this judgment balanced?

Likely left to be one of those great mystery of American politics.

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