Thursday, March 15, 2007

Early Fred Thompson Review

The other day I caught a small part of an interview with Senator turned actor Fred Thompson(or is it actor turned Senator?) on the Sean Hannity radio program. Keeping in mind that it is still inside 19 months until election, and thus way too early to get excited about anyone, I must say I was tickled to hear what he was saying.

The segment I picked-up detailed Mr. Thompson's view on abortion. I presently have had enough of the abortion debate, I settle my position years ago on this issue, as I think most people have as well. Settled the issue in their minds, not that they agree with me. . . . I believe that the fact we still choose candidates based primarily on this one issue, after 30 plus years, is an indictment on politics of our age. Doesn't anything ever get settled?

Anyways, Mr. Thompson, obviously -- he's a conservative, is against abortion. Elaborating his position, he believes that Rowe v. Wade was a bad decision and bad law, and apparently he is supportive of the tenth amendment on this issue. The amendment in the Bill of Rights that expressly states that laws not written in the constitution are reserved for the states to decide upon.

Mr. Thompson would like to see each state settle the abortion issue for themselves. Terrific. As readers of my blog will know, I am a huge advocate of states rights. I have stated time and again that one of the things the present administration does right is not dictating from D.C. on every issue, but rather allowing states to formulate their own laws on given Administration endeavors.

If Thompson is a states rights advocate, I like him, and at this point, and again I feel its way too early to jump on any band wagon, that places him ahead of the pack of candidates who have actually declared. Now if Newt Gingrich would jump into the race as well, this would certainly be interesting to observe.

Again, I must disclaim that I heard scant little of the interview but nevertheless, he may be a force in the election if what I was exposed to is an indication of an across the board conservatism.

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