Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't U Wanna Come 3121?

I just returned from Las Vegas where my primary motive for going was not the gambling. It was to see Prince, which he again is calling himself, and it was indescribable. The event took place in his own nightclub, 3121, located in the delightfully sinful Rio Casino.

Prince today is heavy on the blues and jazz, less techno, and he continues to blend the "black" and "white" genres with his electric guitar riffs along side the brass section of his band. Which has a saxophone player who is beyond compare.

While I'm short on names, he was accompanied by a woman drummer; a keyboardist, guitarist and bassist; trombone, trumpet, and sax; two hot twin dancers and a phenomenal female vocalist. His sister even joined him on a few songs, playing the guitar, along with a few other "invited" guest, including audience members he tapped to come on stage to dance and groove.

Late Night's Paul Shaeffer was seen in the audience as well!

I've seen a number of legends of our time, including Dylan, Simon, Collins, The Stones, Kiss, G n' R, and the Dead, and yet Prince was still in a class all alone.

Amazingly, do you know that he will turn 50 next year?

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