Saturday, June 8, 2019

Coda. The Mueller Report

I've been putting it off, but its now time to write something about the Mueller Report.  And so here is what I came up with.

The Mueller Report is history, and you can not change history.   It's a phrase I stole from the wiser among us who shouted down, or tried to shout down, the movement a couple years ago of local citizens across the south opting to move Confederate statues out of prominence.

It's an entirely silly comment, in my opinion, but it is what it is.

But I do know that we are a nation of laws, which I learned a few years ago as the Trump candidacy gained momentum.  Seems I was never more attuned to the fact that laws make the structure of society real, in so far that having a real set of rules creates a framework whereby we all can trust we are all playing by the same rules.   And that in this land,  no one is above the law. 

Civic responsibilities are like laws,  but you're not getting in much legal trouble if you flaunt the responsibilities, as you would when breaking laws.

The Mueller Report is a civic responsibility to read because it contends with the highest legal office of the land. 

I try and try to improve on that statement, without prejudicing the perspective I hold on the report, and I can't easily do it.   I don't want to do it,  I've been putting it off.  Frankly, it doesn't matter what deeper thoughts I have on the book anyways,  its out of my hands, I can not make reality bend to my whims.

That's not a helplessness, that's an act of accepting.   I've learned it took well over a year from the movements inception to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson.  Nixon too took a while, and so did Clinton's.   If impeachment happens, it will be because more and more Americans are reading through the Mueller Report and also feel action is warranted.  They too took on the civic responsibility, and not shied from it.

What I would find revealing and worthwhile, is learning who else has read the Mueller Report as I have.

I know some who feel they don't need to, as they faithfully lend strength to the President.  These too are not following Trump on twitter either....another civic responsibility in my opinion.  But there are no "lock her up" chants behind failure to be something more than ignorant of the wider truth.

Come to think of it, didn't "lock her up" imply an above the law wish of contention?   No trail, no evidence, just throw her in jail.  Just another regression, one in thousands, during this Trump era, I suppose.  The Mueller Report gives us what has been tragically denied by the Trump rallies -- real instances of crimes.

In the end,  its the historical deviation from law and norms, civic responsibility and decency that may or may not be criminal or impeachable,  that will all be recorded for the ages anyways.   And I'm O.K. with that, my civic duty is met.  For a moment.

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