Sunday, May 5, 2019

Nixon's In the End Summary

In the Arena

Richard Nixon,  Republican President

Chapter 39, "Peace" page 352

"We must not become complacent.  As Paul Johnson has written,  'One of the lessons of that no civilization can be taken for granted.  Its permanency can never be assumed;  there is always a dark age waiting for you around the corner,  if you play your cards badly and you make sufficient mistakes.'

Our goal must be not only to avoid war but also to create a peace that leads men and nations to express their higher qualities and the better aspects of their nature....

...we should harness the competitive and innovative aspects of our nature to address the problems of poverty and hunger, to protect the natural environment, to advance health and education, and to explore the frontier of space...The key is the quest, the striving to create a better world, to advance mankind's material, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual progress."

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