Friday, February 22, 2019

Jussie Again.

My previous comments about Jussie Smollett were brief, and to a point.  So much so that I assumed everyone knew that Smollett paid a couple a guys to wear a MAGA and then assault him.

What does linger longer, and ya gotta know its more of my Trump cynicism, is the feigned indignation from the President and the cult.

Maybe the biased media is NOT rebroadcasting every tweet of Trump's stochastic terrorism, but I am following my President on social media and I know full well how he conducts himself --  without a filter.

If someone said to me Trump is NOT a bad influence, I'd fall down laughing, but its not funny really.

The point is, some actor is NOT someone I have to concerned myself with, it's the leader of government who is.

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