Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"The Great Deformation" David Stockman. West. Civ. Series.

The third book in this series of books that I have read, and that I can connect to one another in a interesting way is "The Great Deformation.  The Corruption of Capitalism in America" by David A. Stockman.

This book is the definitive modern polemic on corruption in capitalism in America.  A polemic is a category, a genre, that merely means the book is all about the writer's opinion on the subject.

When reading a polemic, the regard of the author of that screech is of great importance.  After all,  why read about someone's opinion who you don't think much of?

David Stockman brings an honesty that I have placed some trust in, he was the budget director of the Reagan Administration but wrote a very very brutal book, a memoir, of his time in the White House, and how the tragic run of deficits came about.  That was in the 1980's, this later book, on the corruption of capitalism in America came after the Great Recession of 2008.

In this book you will come to understand the workings of finance, financial markets, the way money attracts money, and how you might of been played if you bought a mortgage back then.

I like to think I wasn't, by the way.

I started with Dean Acheson's book "Present at the Creation" a memoir about the Secretary State's years shaping the world order as we still know it today, written 60 years ago.

My second book was Steven Pinker's "Better Angels of Our Nature" because it is our scorecard on the progress that mankind has accomplished not only over the passed 60 years, but over the past entirely.  Things are always getting better, and yes the world order is not that bad...

...except in the "Corruption of Capitalism in America" the subtitle of my third book.

Let's not be naive,  things aren't perfect, and if you think fixing America first is the right priority,  I'd recommend this book,  it's not about politics, but you can't escape it either.

You will be informed when your are done with it,  and may rest easier knowing some one wrote exactly how the way things are after all.  --  The Great Deformation -- Better Angels of Our Nature -- Present at the Creation

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