Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What Animates a Kid

In lieu of a polemic, my opinion, on "It' Cold Outside" and this yearly fiasco of a "War on Christmas"  I accepted this story as worthy alternative.

First of all,  I just shake my head.  Why should I care?

One of the most profound realizations of my political life is that stoicism is applicable in every case.  If I can't control it, why worry about it.

Second,  this is adolescent behavior.  Its has always been and will always be.  Young people protest.   That doesn't mean we give in, or rewrite the institutions and hierarchies of power on THEIR whims.   Give them a couple months and they will be on to another issue.

Third, and most practical is that getting angry or disgusted at these kids is not worth your time or energy because that emotional response trains and leads the mind for want of more.   More angry responses.  More absurdities.   It's the carbohydrates of the political world.  The demand for more is a powerful urge.

There are highly trained professionals on the task I'm sure.   People talk about this over sensitivity on those same university settings all the time.   Let them handle it, and if they can't,  get back to me in 30 days.  If this is still an issue in 30 days,  it just may rise to my level of caring.

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