Monday, October 8, 2018

Kavanaugh again and again.

Impeach Kavanaugh

I intentionally wrote that headline so that anyone who only reads headlines will think I'm for impeaching Kavanaugh.

Anyways, I'm riding this wave of creativity, writing because I don't buy either side of this continuing story, and I think I have something to point out.

Tidying up my previous comments, let me quickly speak of how I've approached this confirmation process. For me it was all about Kavanaugh. How did he respond and how did professionals view him.

Ford, the accuser, had no bearing on my opinion what so ever.

Why should she? She could of accused the judge of murder, and it still lays with Brett to show his mettle.

He failed, IMO, and I was joined by a number of groups with whom I'm satisfied with.

However, just a note on the methods, but not the accuser, of the Democrats.

Sen. Feinstein pulled this ancient play out of a book so old, it must of been handed down on stone tablets.

Let's remember Ford, or correct me, did not want this made an issue. That's my understanding and so I defaulted to not chastising the accuser. Again, it was all about Kavanaugh anyways.

But Feinstein created this debacle even more so than Trump. Trump went off script, his judgement is horrible, and his pick turned out to be embarrassing, but he can't control everything.

Certainly the play was more contrived than it merited from both sides, but Kavanaugh still handled it poorly.

So the method failed in the end, and there is a large impression that it was a dirty trick by the democrats, and the Trumpers are outraged!

Spare me.

How anyone can take serious this recent discovery of ethical and good faith conduct from the Trump cult is a position that doesn't need explaining to me, it needs to be practiced to be believed and then I can take it serious.

I've been preaching about how important certain characteristics are for years now, and I don't think I've had one Trumper recognize the need for good and decent conduct from him, instead I got silly memes sent my way. Many expressing a devotion that I simply can't comprehend.

Oh, we all know the dirty trick business and the turning away from good faith with lies and false allegations but no one executes the genre better than Donald Trump.

I'm afraid I'm being redundant, but its what's making this a fun past time for me, though.

Tomorrow will be a new outrage, will the devotion to those old terms like honesty, ethics, and modesty persist in the Trump crowd, or will it fade like the bank accounts of all the marks before them?

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