Friday, September 28, 2018


The following commentary is to make the time I spent on the still on-going Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process worth the while.

If you already know what I'm going to write,  and don't want to hear any more,  I know the feeling.  Maybe my cathartic moment can help in some measure, but it will probably be a little judgmental, but based on some of the meme's and comments I've seen, I think we'll live.

I got a few fragmentary thoughts, maybe I'll get to voice them all, or just a few, but I begin with the introduction of the very real aspect of government called law making.

I can get into the kooky conspiratorial theories later, but yes,  there are parts of the government that can actually make a law, and if the other part of the government, the courts, rule a current law is wrong, then a new law can be written.

Over and over and over again.

Makes all the fuss about one judge a little bit dramatic, in my opinion anyways.

By the way, this understanding of government attracts me to the idea of sticking with judges who only feel compelled to do that one little thing...decide if a law is wrong.   Not that a law is wrong, and it should be {left blank;  to be filled in by judges}.

That's conservatism in jurisprudence.  Which is not synonymous with big corporation or oligarchy, yet. I naively hope.

But that doesn't condone a Christian cause(r), like the pro-life movement is,  to mutely stand by when a woman is threatened out of her home and otherwise slandered beyond reason.

For her cathartic moment?

Seems sinful to me, on these Christians,   but I'm not moralizing here.  Just reading their law,  the bible, and doing a little deciding myself.  And if I missed the memes full of christian charity, I apologize up front.  I can't see everything.

Don't get me wrong,  I don't think a Supreme Court nominee should be shielded from this moment, or tactic. Though I do expect the  FBI to investigate.    Look it,  you can have the FBI do it, or you can only have the news' journalists do it.

So yes,  lets get the FBI to do it.

(Just realizing that I got a slew of opinions I could note, but for the time and sake of brevity.)

Wouldn't the smart play, all around, be to just chill out and let this play out?

If the blue wave is coming,  law and politics will sway back before too long,  wouldn't prudence suggest be the wiser and cooler head,  win over with your patience and understanding.

Conversely, it doesn't look good to run a lady from her home either.

But its not always the means that are given thought to.  Playing within the structure of good faith and ethics is sorely lacking from both sides.  I don't understand why certain voices who have been giving pass to historic unethical and bad faith behaviors, would now have their moment.  But they are.

What would be more destabilizing than what is going on in this forum right now?

Oh I know,  civil war!   I get the idea from some of the memes being shared around that use those words in various agitations  -- "civil war."

Do me a favor and don't count me in, in this war between tribes.

Someone who is not an ancestors of mine, because mine came over in a boat about 125 years ago, secured me rights and freedoms and established a government over 200 years ago that is better than its citizens of today grasp, and I don't want to mess that up because Democrats and Republicans, opposing tribes, can't be civil to each other.

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