Friday, August 10, 2018

A Point about the Details

I have a point to make about the Mueller investigation that as obvious as it is, I think needs explaining. The point is simply that for so much of what Mueller will ultimately report, it will already of been known to the public, and the world.

Well, in fact a lot of disparate facts come from all over the world, and all we are waiting for is the finishing touches on the compilation of facts. Facts that again, are mostly well known.

The facts that are known can be had for the price of a book, or on the web for free! What we are waiting for is the disclosure of the facts not readily available, information that only can be had by authorities. When all that is needed to know is known, then Mr. Mueller should release his report.

Why argue against that? To whose benefit?

I'm not really conjecturing here, I don't know what the ultimate narrative will hold, but I have a pretty strong impression. Never the less, suggestions that a lack of leaks equates to a lack of facts is wrong. There are a lot of facts, and no leaks mean only that there are no leaks.

Yet no leaks shouldn't be a surprise either. The expectations of leaks, which I grant is a rational expectation in most instances, but not during this investigation headed up by Robert Mueller. That expectation suggest only that another failure to investigate people has been made, Mueller doesn't leak.

A big failure to vet was on Trump's part, that is without a doubt. How far it was intentional is something we may find out.

By the way, if I failed to mention it, all the facts that are publicly known have come predominately via a diligent and free press here in the States, and around the world.

Adopting the position Trump trumpets in that the Press is the enemy is perhaps one of the biggest failure of anyone's judgement. Never has it been considered wise counsel for a leader to advocate that the people support him in suppressing the free press.

It is something that I could not of conceived prior to its voicing and tweeting.

Let that soak in, I don't need a free press to hear the President, he has a platform to get straight to the people -- social media. What we wouldn't have if Trump had his way, is a way to ascertain the truth. Prior to the release of the Mueller investigation and in so much more.

It's certainly not in my best interest for the press to be attacked the way it is by Trump, why would it be in anyone's but Trump, in this particular instance at least?

How do Patriots rank HIM higher than the First Amendment?

My parting thought is imagining a constituency that protects the rights we have is an accomplishment; taking pride in what Thomas Jefferson or James Madison wrote is nothing. You and I didn't do that, they did. We however elected a President our founders meant to protect us from.

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