Sunday, May 13, 2018

House Cleaning

The House Cleaning Episode.

I've been learning a lot of new words lately, sometimes I feel like I'm back in school, but this time I'm more appreciative, rather thirsty, and liberal, lol.

I've come across the term 'tribe' so often in recent weeks, that it has taken root in my psyche and crowded out 'party' in my vernacular.   As it should.

'Post Truth' is another one,  but you may want to find your own tribe endorsed meaning of it.  For me,  I want nothing to do with it.   I understand honestly is tough in politics,  but to assign validity based on affiliation to tribe?  pfft.  I'm non-aligned and I'm much maligned.

Who do I side with?  Anyone with a smart idea I'll listen to, then we'll see.   The arc of progress lays flat sans new ideas.  When in 1992 I was listening to Pat Buchanan and thinking these are some great new ideas,  even then they weren't.  So I understand how it happens to be caught up, and thinking how avant garde I am.

North Korea makes me text-less.   Speechless for the oral conversationalist in me.  I wouldn't be house cleaning though, without sharing a thought or two on perhaps the most abrupt change in international relations since Hitler double crossed  Stalin. (Shout out to Swede, R.I.P)

Sometimes it takes a village,  this time it took a whole mountain.   Which leads me to acknowledge and then question the credit Donald Trump rightly deserves.   Hey, I am fully committed to giving the devil his due, and him being there as fact alone still assigns him credit, as long as the attitude of NK and Kim hold fast to their promises. 

Trump does deserve credit for playing the strongman bit to the nth degree.   How ever it may be argued that no U.S. President needs much acting to pull of a strong man role,  Trump did differentiate himself from his predecessors.

But right now, its a lot of pats on the back for nothing lasting yet.  Let's all be patient,  the Kim's have reneged before,  Hitler turned on Stalin, and that mountain collapsed.

Quote of the era(as declared by me):

 Michael V. Hayden in the book "The Assault on Intelligence"

"We noted to one another that Russia really wasn't fighting ISIS  in Syria; that American alliances were a national competitive advantage, which Russia and China, which didn't have any friends that mattered much, actually envied; that defending Latvia or Estonia wasn't just a matter of their having paid their bills; that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was really an alignment of twelve nations bordering the Pacific (non of them named China) in an American-facing rules-based order, not a rip-off of American workers."

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