Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Ramifications

When I have a conversation in real life about my thoughts on Donald Trump,  I try at times to make a point about how harmful Trump is to our long term strength.  For one reason or another, its a hard opinion to clarify.  The article below, which is basically a wire story but I use Fox as some sort of 'credible' endorsement,  illustrates a large problem I have with the Trump foreign policy direction.

Simply put, when we pull away from involvement we lose, or at best diminish our role in the world. 

Now I've been an isolationist before, and I'm not abandoning the idea that maybe by reducing our presence, we in turn can tone down the anxieties,  but its not really practical, nor desireable with what's at stake not to be involved a lot.

Trump is, as he always has been, a great manipulator of leverage.  Trump's been at this so long, that indeed he is a great and innate player of exploitation.  Its instinctual for him,  he can see the lines of power and seems to have the stroke to manipulate them at his will.  To a certain extent, because he falls short of his ambitions often enough.   He does go out on that lever though and supposes its large enough to move the world, and he has.    But he isn't much into the long game.   Asking him to make the needful decisions to set the scene for next guy is asking him to enter a mindset that he just hasn't proved himself in.

Allegory, analogy, or simile.  Call it what you will, but the man has been bankrupt too often, been turned away by too many banks, and has too many lawsuits and court debacles to ascribe infallibility to his whims, or master planner to his resume.

As I type this,  North Korea is seemingly saying all the right words about denuclearization and peace, and while undoubtedly Trump will take all the credit we allow him,  there is behind him and before him a long history of Presidents and policy makers who have created the powerful position the United States finds itself in today, 2018.  We've been dealing with North Korea for 70 years,  and putting aside how often we been deceived by the Kim family,  our nation has been squeezing the economy, and the very vitality out of the hermit nation all that time.   Maybe Trump is here, and he is giving that extra and extreme risk to make all our goals reality, but lets just pause and understand that in order for him to be in this spot, many before him made this spot possible.

Syria seems to be mutating into tomorrow's Korea, and that is not a good thing.   This time, more so than in Korea,  global consequences are at stake but it appears Trump is signaling that the U.S. is no longer willing to carry the burden of involvement over there anymore.   Clearly that's a gamble in the opposite direction from Korea, so are we willing to walk away and let Iran and Russia influence in our stead?

Understand,  there will be no Donald Trump at the end of 70 years of peacefully grinding it out like what's going on in Korea right now.  There may only be the lost moment in history when we let that region go to hell and our adversaries, after we had spent so much money and blood there over all these years.

That's the long term harm of Donald Trump to this nation's well being and security that I have in mind,  and there are other points of withdrawal, other instances where the long term spot we'd like to be in just isn't going to happen because of his policies.

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