Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why not write a little something about my opinion on the opinions that surround the topic of Anthropomorphic Global Warming I asked myself.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and being tolerant of another's opinion goes a long way toward peaceful coexistence, but certain opinions in regards to the environment can be argued to be counter productive to peaceful coexistence, and is absolutely ignorant in any event.

The United States' influence in the world is quite large, which is to understate the case, so when I stop to consider that less than half the voters, who in turn tally only about half the eligible voting population have usurped from the majority the lead here, I react in a way that irks me to question the wisdom of American style democracy. I can't imagine what folks in Vanuatu or Fiji might think, because its our ignorant minority that restrains a more robust global action on climate.

It wasn't that long ago that global warming was a far off in the future dire prediction, but with Irma to hit Florida tomorrow, about ten days after Harvey hit Houston, and before Jose hits next week, the future is now for us in the states, but the Pacific Islanders, who really never benefited from the primary cause of global warming in the first place, were the first to experience the reality of it years ago.

I can't read anything anymore that does not have a tie in to climate change, and its ill effects on the status quo. The U.S. military comes to mind quite quickly as one huge topic and example of a studied approach to the very real perils that rising water levels are to, consequently, global peace.

Many argue, and I along with them, that this is also an opportunity for business, and indeed many companies, many American companies are engaging in commerce created by the threat, but our government is not so much, and that's the tamper on the economics of it all. Again, the touch of climate is everywhere.

I really can't "see" the religious dogma that many here have toward this scientific fact. Global warming is real, its not an opinion, its not a liberal conspiracy, its not democrats wanting power over me. Its the yin to the yang, the equal and opposite reaction to pollution caused by humans.

In the year of 2017, the milepost of decades stretch behind us in terms of measuring how long data has been collected, studied, researched, and vetted. To be a denier now isn't so much as quaint anachronistic behavior as it is intentionally ignorant, and arguably malicious.

As I said, I can't read anything anymore, outside fiction, that doesn't come with climate change caveats, which also compels me not to furnish any facts here, nor salient arguments, for if dear reader hasn't exposed oneself at last to true and meaningful discussions on the whole gambit of Anthropomorphic Global Warming, my doing so here will be of no concern either. Which is the shame of it all -- such a small number of people are like a dead weight on progress.

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