Friday, August 18, 2017

I thought I had something interesting to say, and then I got distracted on Facebook...

Today Steve Bannon, Trumps Chief Strategist walked away, or got fired, but what everyone is talking about is the ramifications and fall out from Charlottesville, VA where protesters and anti protesters clashed.

I've seen so many memes that I found utterly ridiculous, and many of the same that, I mean, why are decent people going out of their way to be cruel?

By the way, the Statue of Liberty has no relation to Robert E. Lee. Sometimes, because I'm not a "liberal democrat," I think I see their hidden mockery inside memes that "conservatives" readily share. I believe the Left makes foolish memes just to witness the Right blithely sharing them. Some of these memes don't pass any logical rules, and beyond sharing a sense of disregard for a fellow human being thoughts and sensitivities, they only serve to proclaim that an inert glob of raw material, molded into some semblance of a past traitor and slave holder carries the greater social good. At least that's what I'm perceiving.

What about protesters and counter protesters? What about them. Its been going on for years. Centuries even. Its not that I don't care about the sensitivities I just referenced above, its that I'm busy, and anyone counter protesting Neo-Nazis have my prayers but not my counsel.

It sounds like a dangerous thing to do. I don't care who the other side represents. It could be the Sisters of Mercy, and its still dangerous.

My rule is if your side killed someone, you lose the power of persuasion. You lose the argument. But I don't think I'm under any onus to get too far involved with protesters, I got things to do myself.

Outside of learning who these groups are via media compulsion, I've also learned Trump is who they said he is.

Which is absolutely the last time I trust that source -- anyone who told me Trump is not a racist, but just an old man with clumsy language, has just lost status with me. I dunno, sounds like a good idea to me. After Trumps first statement, I said he was a rookie, the next day he showed us something, but the day after that he really did show us who he is. Really. He did.

However, with all that being said, I'm still left wondering about Trump's answers to infrastructure questions that he never got to answer...lets not forget too, that his horrible performance was at a press conference for his infrastructure plans.

The press does have to get on with itself at times, its getting ridiculous. We know trump is a nut, incompetent, and a con man. But he is still the man, and stuff is happening everyday we all should be aware of.

Can we cover that for a little?

Thank you.

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