Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I don't feel that I have to go to any lengths to talk positively about a man who I think is a fraud, but I do like the idea of accepting what you can not change, and looking for the good in the bad.

That, and I got some time to burn on a Wednesday.

I've said repeatedly that it is not possible for someone in the office of President, whose ultimate responsibility is that of making decisions, to perform for 4 years and not do something right.  So I use that as my anchor. 

Regarding Donald Trump, its not that I hate him.  That's ridiculous, I don't even know him personally, and not until January of this year has he ever cost me anything except the money to buy his ghost written biography in the late 1980's.
No, I don't hate him, I just don't trust him.

By the way, to get it out of the way,  his "Made in America" theme is something I find no fault with.  Outside the fact that he himself doesn't live by his own nationalism rhetoric.

What I thought to write at first was in defense of Donald Trump Jr., and now that I'm sufficiently on the record as not hating Trump, and decidedly not against everything he does, I realize that I don't have to do this to compensate for my belief that Sr. is not only a fraud, but also likely treasonous too.

As the article I'll share conveys, and I surely have empathy with, Donald Trump Jr. reportedly hates being a part of this whole presidential gambit of his father and wishes it all to be over.

I thought, I bet his mother is very disappointed in him right now too.   Ivana got out of the marriage to the elder Trump, that is not only quasi heroic, but  it should indicate higher morals and ethics on her part too.    She raised her kids, not Donald,  Sr. just corrupted them.  Maybe you disagree with my opinion, but I feel more confidence in my assumptions than anyone who would defend Trump today, and who is also at the same distance I am from him.

I'm not making excuses for Trump Jr. though, but if (and I'm going to love writing this) liberal teachings apply to everyone, even wealthy sons of billionaires, then young Donald is a victim.

Of course the mitigating force on compassion is that Jr. is not a child, and this isn't the Presidency of his boarding school, and because of that, I don't hope he goes to jail, but that Sr. does what's right for a change, and resign for the sake of his family.

But that's unlikely to happen, and so life goes on....

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