Sunday, May 21, 2017

I write infrequently because I have an aversion to taking politics too seriously. What I mean by that is, I believe that when writing about politics grows to almost an obligation, then it becomes serious.

I don't want politics to get too serious anymore. Years ago it used to be serious, and you can probably find my writings from 20 years ago on the web, and read how I thought about things then, like obstruction of justice, and why a President should be impeached.

Some things change, but history repeats itself.

I am having a delightful time with Donald Trump as President. Not a day goes by when I don't shake my head in amusement, and I'm really not stressed by all the things he does that I am opposed to. As truth will have it, he does things I like too. Often enough that I say that not to pander but to acknowledge.

But the truth is also every president makes decisions every day, and often enough every day that if for four or eight years, you find no reason to like something one of these men do, then that's not realistic.

That might mean its a you problem, not existential cultural problem. Its statistically improbable to not like at least one thing, one decision.

But anyways, maybe I'll take him a little more serious, and write what I think more often.

The personality traits and tendencies of the man, Trump, to me are incredibly stereotypical. For example, I notice that when he talks, he usually frames the topic in a way that leaves the impression he is the first to think this through, and the first to have a very simple answer. He extended a health program for Vets, but he made clear that for too long the Vets have been neglected and his action that day is the turning point, that Trump is their singular champion.

There really is an amazingly historic aspect to what Trump is -- green. He's not at all prepared for the task at hand, and he basically bull crapped his way here. But here he is, making decisions and he is going to make ones I agree with, and disagree with. I'm less concerned about that than I am about the honesty and integrity of the decisions, and that's a real concern.

That's being realistic.

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