Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is a conflict that has been with him since the beginning, and an issue I've been waiting to comment on.

After all, it could of all went away, as an issue, if Mr. Trump would of just done what other Presidents, candidates even, have done and divested himself of these conflicts.

He even had said it was easy.


My thoughts actually are not to do with whether or not he is in conflict, but rather to ask when does the grading on the curve end?

Certainly it is not unfair to suggest that Mr. Trump has been graded on a curve since the beginning, as well.

There may be reasons for that, and there may be reams written soon enough, but suffice to say he is being graded on a curve --  words and conduct that would of sunk any traditional candidate evidently harmed him very little.

Regardless, again.

Personal sentiment aside, and those are probably cemented for now, are we to continue the curve when Trump violates laws and  the Constitution?    How about ethics and ethical behavior? 

That's what I'm curious about.

How far with the curve do we go?

The constitution, I believe, was written in part to provide immutable precepts.  Others may disagree, as is their right, but there is something similar in the argument to dismiss the popular vote/electoral vote complaints  --  both sides played by the same rules and Trump won.

If all presidents are to play by the same rules, then the curve needs to flatten out when it comes to concrete conflicts.

There is a process to discern the proper response to this unique issue, and that is impeachment.   Remember impeachment is just a step in investigating a serious matter, it does not remove Trump from office.  One must be found guilty for that.

Impeachment also is highly political,  which means public sentiment will have a major influence in the ultimate out come.  Or in other words, the curve Trump enjoys over others in similar circumstances continues, regardless.

I support further inquiry.  I believe that a 70 year old man with a life long ambition to be President, who announced more than 18 months ago, has had plenty of time to arrange his house so as not to conflict.   Just like everyone else before him had done.

If all that this country needed was a man beholden to no one and nothing, we would never have broken away from King George.

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