Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Random Links and Thoughts

Has anyone seen this link?
Evidently, from the story that provided me that link, he STILL hasn't asked any questions!
I suppose that is his right, and I'm admittedly not as smart as he is, but you would think basic intellectual curiosity would get the better of you during the course of nine years hearing cases that are non trivial.
I've said its statistically improbable for a President not to do something right in four or eight years, well its obviously not impossible for a Supreme Court Justice to not ask a question in at least that many years.
Dylan once said he'll be a mute, but not a perfect mute. Thomas is making a good run at it....
Nuance anyone? Read on.
I don't want to waste much time with Hillary. My over arching opinion is that she will not be the next president, and that much of this ballyhoo from her supporters were just the thing I was hearing about ten years ago from them. Anyone remember an unknown named Barrack Hussein Obama?
Besides that, anyone who does support Hillary is highly unlikely to ever, and I mean ever, dropped their support of her. That sentiment was verbalized on local radio today by the host of a talk program, a host that supports her by the way.
He could of just said, "Don't they all do it anyways?" Of course he might of, I wasn't listening very long. Comments like the above always strike me as somewhat unconvincing. Makes me wonder why we complain about the other side then, which WAS usually the case. Ya know, "I was really peeved when so and so Republican did it, but now that Hillary did it, I'm o.k. with that, and don't they all do it anyways?"
How about the letter that 47 GOP Senators signed that went to Iran!
Geez, like every two bit dictator in the world doesn't already know that the U.S. President is a lame duck the moment he, or she, is sworn in office. Destined to leave, and with all decisions to be revisited. House of Cards, on Netflix, even has the Russian President flatly stating this as reason not to take President Underwood serious.
Talk about nuance though, when the GOP pulls a stunt like this, to undermine the President, the Huffington Post calls it sabotage.
John Kerry calls it, "irresponsible."
What the Democrats did during the entire duration of the Iraq war? Well that was something else altogether, of course.
To me, it sounds a little like "they all do it." Which in this case is probably the most factual and applicable use of that phrase.
That's it, but remember, thank you and God bless America. But not the Christian God, because we are not a Christian nation.
Thanks G.M. I liked that article, I really did, thanks for sharing it.
Its just that I didn't buy into the premise that there is a threatening political current to officially make this country Christian. But if there were, yes, I'd have to agree that that isn't what the founding fathers intended.

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