Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nuance and Unemployment

Pull me aside and ask me to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans and I'd quickly say nuance.
Countless times, on countless issues, I entertained a partisan of either side defending his or her champion on such or such a topic then effortlessly pivoting to damn the champion of the other side for a having nuanced difference on said same position.
It continues to fascinate me, and so when I stumbled across this article with the word 'nuanced' in the headline I had to read it.
I agree with her. Notice inside the article that she said its "the smart way to...combat this."
Frankly, and this fact underlies a beef I have with Democrats, this idea that the idle hands of the youth in the Middle East is a root cause of terrorism, that to combat this discontent employment is critical, is not at all a novel notion.
Experts have been warning for years of the growing problem of unemployment, or under employment, of the young Muslims in that part of the world. Decades even.
There is a difference that couldn't be any less nuanced. Here and there.
At the risk of running long here, why shouldn't Democrats, i.e. the Obama Administration be equally concerned, or as the President of the United States, more concerned that this could happen here?
If he is, he'd have a hard time impressing me. We haven't seen much of a successful jobs program here have we? Yet we have seen a flooding of immigration, largely low skilled or no skilled workers at that.
Some smart people say the unemployment rate is really closer to 20%. Does anyone think that all these inflows are going to help drop that number? Or rather make it worse.
Obama is infamous for citing just about everything as a priority of his administration, well I got to think that if the Middle East has a violence problem linked to joblessness and his spokesperson is talking about a jobs program there, then he ought to prioritize jobs here as well.
I have no doubt that idle hands in America can incite terror here just as well as over there.
Quadruple the number of Syrian refugees flowing over here, as reported, suggests that the problems in the Middle East may escalate here quicker than we fear.
I use the term 'escalate' because we all are smart enough to realize that the problems are here already, right Ms. Harf?

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