Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Great Opportunity to Not Police the World

Stemming from a conversation I was having with my lovely wife I declared that I wouldn't be surprised if Obama and I, and her, all shall the same opinion about being involved in Ukraine or Crimea. The opinion being we shouldn't. Although he, Obama, doesn't have much of a choice.
While its not legally binding to do so, historical precedent along with the Budapest Memorandum obliges the U.S. to do something.
So what's the history and the affects this past has in the present situation?
The first realization is that we are talking about Russia because of Putin. Which really puts into question why should we be concerning ourselves over there anyways.
From a historical perspective only, Putin characteristically is like many other of his predecessors, but I also could reasonably argue that he has been one of the better angels by comparison. Ever hear of Catherine the Great, or Ivan the Terrible, or Peter the Great? Sure you have, that's because they made a name for themselves through tyranny, brutality, and also territory expansion.
Putin may be like all three of those, but he isn't one of them. Not quite yet. The reassuring thought is the fact that those other three did what they did before the mighty United States was a player. For this reason alone, I'm not too afraid of Mr. Putin's grand ambitions. Real or imagined.
Especially in regards to Crimea and Ukraine. Honestly, he may gain territory, but he also gains head aches. If one thing has been born true in this modern age, its that super states have problems staying cohesive or solvent. He wants to expand his state? That is his folly. He'll just have that many more to take care of, if he can.
Considerations of oil pipe lines, Europe held hostage, etc. are mitigated by the fact he already has that undue influence on those matters without the added burden of a trouble some population to govern and bankrupt to begin with.
So what if he has plans to reunite the old Russia, or Soviet Union? I can live with that. It may not be optimal, but its not unprecedented. In fact, for only twenty of the last hundred years has it has been otherwise.
And Obama surely is not unaware of my generalities. Certainly there are concerns I'm glossing over, but where aren't there in the world? If we are going to stop policing the world, here may be the first opportunity. 

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