Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Thing I Know For Certain

Taken from a thread on Obamacare:
"I didn't think so, lol. But you know, its not the any one lady in the line buying high end products all the while you can easily and correctly surmise she hasn't worked a day in twenty years, but its also the fact that her parents are in front of her and her five kids are behind her too, with no chance of a real life. And speaking of life, the taxes it takes to ruin those generations of a family on the dole is robbing the life of anyone who works for a living. We all only got so much time, and when we got to pay taxes that is in fact robbing us of life. Every hour I work to pay a tax is an hour of my life I don't get back. That stealing my life. AND there is nothing I no as certain as that. Taxes rob life. Also the welfare life is not a real life either. so many lives are being robbed or diminished through socialism."

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