Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Question

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, I've decided, after much thought, to test the waters of liberalism.

I'm now looking, asking, pleading, for liberals, or progressives, to turn me onto the theory of how all this is going to be paid for?

So that I too may be a true believer.

Oh, I'm not talking just ObamaCare,  I'm talking about all of it, the whole expanded governmnent.

And another thing I'd like to know,  where are our limits?  What, if anything, is asking too much of government?  Cell phones, food stamps, housing, and health care are just some of the service provided.  Is it in my purview to ask for more?

I'm thinking maid service.

How about just more?

Surely any rational, thoughtful idea, as mine are, as what everything our federal government provides, can not be looked over.

Evidently there are no responsibilities or expenses that our government can't legislate a service for, there are only needs that have not been identified yet.

How about just a list from everyone?  What do you need?

Why bother, I realize now, to worry about the cost.

Cost?  That's the exception that proves the rule, now isn't it?

For there is one necessity, cost, that can not be legislated away.

But, some would argue, that is what the FED is for.

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