Saturday, May 19, 2012

Menu Item: Pol du Jour

One of the many reasons why I think we have the problems that we have...

Allegiance to our political parties.

That is foremost on my agenda today, exposing how loyalties to the party are killing democracy and our way of life.

I drove by a house today with an Obama / Biden 2012 placard in the window.  Now I'm the first to concede that there are people out there that ought to support this duo, and I'm not going to condemn them for it.  I may not understand it, but he has a natural constituency.

What was striking about the placard I saw today was that it was in a window of a home of someone I know.

Oh my gosh, right?

But I'd admit that of all my acquaintances, they would be at the top of the list of suspected stooges for the party.

I can't go further drawing generalities out of anecdotal experiences without revealing that after a couple political conversations in the past, when I exposed the strawman for who he was, that he refuses to engage me in politics anymore.

And there you have it,  in microcosm.  An individual, no different from millions of other individuals, who so ardently pimps the party's politician du jour, that he neverminds the particulars of why he's spending his clout on the person at all.

But that is how it is today.  Reverse the party in residence at 2600 Pennsylvania Ave. and I'm certain chapter and verse of all the petty, quasi-villainous, and or immoral behavior of that President could be recited for my distasteful pleasure.

Its behavior from both sides. Though recent history has a plethora of examples where the left just doesn't care that their guy(or gal) is dastardly in much the same way as the scoundrels they condemn on the right.

To deny that is to admit ignorance, and proves my point.

Enron is to Solandra?

Drones are to Patriot Act?

Gitmo is to Gitmo?

Fast and Furious?

We can't expect the people we elect to be anything but what they are today, that is unaccomplished bad actors, if we don't scrutinize those who prefer to have us believe we are in their best intentions.

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