Friday, July 15, 2011

Raising taxes isn't always going to work, at some point the economy isn't likely to respond to higher taxes with more revenues, lets not forget that taxes are by definition a deterrent, so raising income taxes deters higher incomes.

It deters jobs.

Now is the time to cut government, we are at that point where taxes are high enough. I won't accept the notion that taxes are higher in other western nations, let them have their high taxes.

At what point, if not now, do we face the tough analysis of what we as a society need out of government. What can be cut, jettisoned, done away with. What will be kept as a rightful function for inefficient bureaucracy.

We feed the poor, the children, the unable. Great. We give cell phones to the inept. Not so great.

Where are we when government is too big that no one wants anything cut, but something needs cut. When taxes are high enough, and the economy bad enough that more revenues are not a lock with higher rates.

Where and when? In 2011 is where we are, and its time to face those tough decisions that smart opinion makers have been saying are coming for decades.

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