Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's not Right.

One behavior that regularly stokes my irritation with the left is their constant griping about everything that President Bush does, and now everything that John McCain does, or at this point, lacking power, says.

Alright already, we get it, the loyal opposition is ever vigilant.

However, they never want it reversed. They want to condemn and criticize at will, but they never want to be aired the exact faults of themselves to be made mentioned.

One thing that I think the Bush Administration does exactly right is that they don't entertain the constant harping. He doesn't cry about it, he doesn't plead his case to the press, he doesn't pander and whimper.

Contrast that to the Left.

While Bush has been called Hitler, Obama has been called inexperienced. Bush has left it alone, Obama has cried foul.

That's one lesson that will endure from the Bush Administration for any who wish to acknowledge it. In politics, complaining about everything the opposition does is petty, not enduring it when it comes back at you, that's immaturity.

I don't carry much respect for politicians who politicize everything, but can't shoulder the exact reversal of polarization.

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