Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Many Faces of Al Gore


Al Gore has fascinated me for quite a while now. Not too long, and not obsessively, but since he lost the 2000 election he's been everywhere, minus the teaching semesters following that November/December 2000 loss, so it really hasn't taken much effort. Which is good, because otherwise that effort would be wasted.

There is quite a lot of fascinating words, actions, boast, business endeavors, etc. surrounding him that he is an unqualified walking hurricane of global change. Honestly, I can't find fault with some things he does, and in particular the global warming crusade, despite the religious-esque intolerance of dissenting opinions, has much value for all of us. I don't buy into some of the hysteria surrounding global warming, but I feel that the goals of reforming how we use and re-use the Earth's natural resources are an absolute necessity for our progeny to maintain the "good life" that we enjoy today.

I wouldn't trust him with the real power to change that is the Presidency though. Not because I'd be especially nervous of what he'd do, but because I don't think he be effective at all, his track record in politics demonstrates that. He's great at media relations, and he is quite apparently driven to change the world, but his track record, when compared to his own words and promises doesn't give me anything to elect him for.

In fact he seems a little too political for his own good, and that clip above re-proves it.

I'm not getting into the reasons for war, let the politicians rehash that history, this is all about Al Gore laid bare.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those students who took his journalism class?

Coincidentally, he manages to get good press coverage most times doesn't he?

In regards to this clip I've provided, you'd think that some industrious & hungry young journalist could of found this address years ago when Gore first began to undermine foreign policy and influence innocent democrats who admire him.

If Al Gore thought this way then, then why did he not influence policy when he had the chance? His criticism of the younger Bush seems odd now doesn't it?

So back to the environment. Its the same story. At about the same time this speech was being made, the ever phrenic Al Gore wrote and publish a book entitled Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit where he proceeded to continue his bashing of Bush, only this time, naturally, on the environment. At the end of the book, he gives us his solutions.

Then he became Vice President and did nothing. Well, o.k., as is always the case with these politicians, their cronies could list quite a lot of accomplishments in the form of resolutions, legislation, or spending bills.

I'll take Ralph Nader's impression of his accomplishments, he seems independent, and he ran for President under the Green Party because he said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush on the environment.

Its great that Al Gore has another Bush to bash, its easier for him to update his schtick.

Remember he claimed to have invented the Internet too.

He's great. I don't expect most anyone to abandon him on the left, they don't do that sort of thing over there. They hold onto dishonest politicians and disingenuous arguments. Besides, he's putting on a good show. What's the worse he can do? Be elected? We've wasted a long time in solving some of our problems, I suppose another 4 or 8 years tacked on couldn't hurt too much, could it Al?

Please, take a look and listen for yourself and do hear him out entirely, its worth the effort.

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